Custom Folder Design Suggestions


Style A


Shown as Reverse
Outline is sectioned for text placement. Your artwork is placed in the middle.

Style B


Shown as Standard
This features diagonal lines of various sizes. Put your name and/or artwork in the middle.

Style C


Your text is placed between the solid lines with your artwork in the upper left area.

Style E


Upper text is arced and lower text is straight. Add your graphic to the middle.

Style H


Shown as Reverse
Space within the circle is for artwork and/or text with text in the banner.

Style I


Shown as Standard
Text can be placed on the wide line around the circle, with artwork in the middle.

Style K


Shown as Reverse
This bookbag can carry your school name, mascot, mission statement, etc.

Style L


Place your mascot in the circle, then your school name at the top. Ideal for two colors.

Style AA


Shown as Reverse
Place your mascot in the middle and your text at the top and bottom.

Style BB


Shown as Reverse
Your mascot fits in the circle. Your text can be arranged down the side.

Style CC


Shown as Reverse
This design is perfect for showcasing more than one picture in the circles.

Style DD


Shown as Reverse
Place your picture in the center and your name at the top.

Style EE


Place your mascot in the star and your name across the top or in the corner.

Style FF


Shown as Reverse
Your name and mascot should be placed in the open area.

Style GG


Your mascot can be placed in the circle. Your text can go over the squares or in the circle.

Style HH


Place your mascot and text in the boxes.

More Information About Custom Design Options:

  • When ordering, indicate your choice by the appropriate letter(s).
  • Any of these designs can be one or two colors. A one-color folder can be standard or reverse.
  • Designate standard or reverse artwork for a one-color folder. A standard design places your copy on a white background. A reverse is the opposite, making the background your chosen color and the imprint white. For two-color folders, indicate your chosen background and imprint colors.
  • These are custom designs. It is up to you to create your look around them. You can also alter the designs to your liking. Please call if you have any questions. Remember that you can design your custom folder without using one of these styles.
  • Some designs are positioned differently on a Rules Handler so the design is not obstructed by the handle.